Uber Sign-Up Invitation Code for Free Uber First Ride

First off, I live in Seattle, where I don’t own a car. Having a car in this city isn’t exactly useful—paying for parking, gas, car insurance, and car payments add up to “not worth it.” So I use some other services to get from place to place.

Enter Uber, which I originally started through a local conference coupon code.

Uber (combined with Car2Go) ends up being the perfect service to use. Drinking with friends in another neighborhood? Car2Go there and don’t worry about driving back, because you can have an Uber driver at your spot within 10 minutes.

Try out Uber for free! Just sign up using this invitation link: uber.com/invite/uber-free-signup-code-coupon

Use this Uber signup code to get your first ride free.

Uber is expanding all over. I was recently back in Phoenix, Arizona, and they even had the service (although markedly fewer drivers at one time) there.

One great and noticeable thing about Uber is the customer service emphasis while they’re still in rapid-expansion startup mode—every time I’ve had a negative experience with Uber, I’ve noted that in the app. Nearly every time, I’ve been amazed that Uber customer service responds and fixes the problem. Try doing that with Yellow Cab. Go ahead, try it. (They’ll just ignore you.)

Here’s an invite so you can get your first ride free on Uber when you sign up!

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