NomadKey (Hello Nomad) Coupon for 15% Off Order

Nomad is a fun little company that creates little portable chargers mostly for Apple devices and a few additional for microUSB devices.

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“We believe in owning less… now buy our products!”

Stereotypical Bay Area mission/marketing aside, a Nomad Key, with the help of a HelloNomad Coupon for 15% off, is a nice backup plan on the go. NomadPlus is something like a Mophie competitor, and if you’re looking to get some memorable conference swag, might just be worth it. NomadClip is for all those high schoolers who want to up their caribiner-as-a-keychain game at school… or if you’re going hiking and care about charging your cell phone in the middle of the woods?

If you haven’t already purchased NomadKey or any other Hello Nomad products, you can use this coupon code link for 15% off:

Here’s a Nomad coupon code for 15% off your order!

Keychain for size:

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